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Collaboration with Rob Stuart

Genre: Ambient Electro Pop
Artist: Benjamin Russell and Rob Stuart
Record Label: TCBE Records
Release Date: March 2, 2022
SPACE was written in 1977 as a plea to my mother to stop pretending everything was OK, and to let me help her. I performed it in my acoustic live sets. That version appears on my 2010 ROCKHILL CD.

Thanks to Rob Stuart's brilliant arrangement and production, this version of SPACE evokes the emotions I felt, better than I could have imagined. The astral, glacial space between the words.

Thank you Rob Stuart!

Song by Benjamin Russell and Elyce
Arranged and Produced by Rob Stuart

ROB STUART is a central figure in
Slave To The Square Wave and Electronic Dream Factory. He has produced music with and for many talented artists. He is the host of the weekly MIXTAPE SHOW on David Marsden's

Cover photo by
Will Woodgate
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