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Benjamin Russell's most ambitious album yet, PLEASURE CENTER defies easy classification. What is this genre? "Freeform," says Russell.

Weaving threads of electronic, acoustic, pop, dance, soul, jazz, and classical into what has now become his signature style, the album explores themes of love, social commentary, warnings, hope and gratitude. It includes his first ever release sung in French, with words by Benjamin Russell and Alain-Yves Pigeon, a Euro-pop nod to his hit from the 80s.

From the start of Russell's career, he embraced technology. As a folk singer in the 70's, he lusted after synthesizers. His first vinyl release (the Double A Side) in the early 80's blended drum machines, synths and electric guitars. The album containing MIRACLE, for which he was nominated MOST PROMISING VOCALIST in the 80's, was a meeting of man and machine - his live solo shows featured himself, his guitar and banks of synths and drum machines.

Here's the question: is the title song a warning or an exhortation to plug into the matrix? You decide.

MUSIC: Benjamin Russell
LYRICS: Elyce and Benjamin Russell*
VOCALS: Benjamin Russell
PRODUCED AND MIXED: Benjamin Russell
Recorded, mixed and mastered using PreSonus Studio One

* except CE MIRACLE QU'EST L'AMOUR - words by Benjamin Russell and Alain-Yves Pigeon
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During the pandemic, and knowing his time was winding down, Rude Van Steenes continued creating. He joined forces with Greg Fraser to begin a project which they called GHOST PARTICLES. Rude’s introspective and romanticized poetry, inspired by the writings of Christopher Isherwood, Edgar Allan Poe and David Bowie, fused perfectly with Greg’s compositions.

Sadly, Rude passed away and couldn't finish what he'd started. Into this void, Greg with the blessing of Rude's widow, Michele O'Neail, invited
Benjamin Russell who found himself mesmerized and inspired. Greg Fraser's lavish soundscapes provided a rich environment for Benjamin to build melodies and craft suitable vocals to put flesh to the words, messages which seem to come from "beyond".

The EP’s four songs present a moody, introspective vision of the complexities of life in a style best described as
Cinematic Electro Pop.

MUSIC: Greg Fraser and Benjamin Russell
LYRICS: Rude Van Steenes
VOCALS: Benjamin Russell

Release Date: May 22, 2024


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FRONTIER is Electro Pop Rock featuring Benjamin Russell's unique vocal stylings and guitar with dollops of synthesizer and drum machines. The glue that holds it all together is catchy melodies and inspired lyrics.

Mental health, social issues, coping mechanisms and giving hope. Once again Russell explores the frontiers of the human condition. His first solo album since 2020, it features new songs, a surprise cover of the iconic ballad from the movie, High Noon, a duet with Shimmer Johnson and a guest appearance on piano from "The Doctor" Rob Best.

Russell hopes people will drop the digital needle, listen to it as if it were a vinyl album and when they come to the end, flip it over and listen again, maybe singing along this time.

MUSIC: Benjamin Russell*
LYRICS: Elyce and Benjamin Russell*
VOCALS: Benjamin Russell
PRODUCED AND MIXED: Benjamin Russell
VIDEOS: Elyce & Benjamin Russell
Recorded, mixed and mastered using PreSonus Studio One

* except DO NOT FORSAKE ME (BALLAD OF HIGH NOON) written by Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington

Videos by Elyce & Benjamin Russell -
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These guys have been cooking with grease this year! Benjamin Russell and Rob Stuart began the year with their debut album, SOMETHING IN F MINOR, then Russell released a solo album, FRONTIER, while Stuart was hard at work with his band, Slave to the SQUAREwave, putting on live shows and recording new material with them. Somehow, Russell and Stuart managed to write and record another EP, all in 2023.

Ironically, BRIGHTER LIGHT is darker, mostly downtempo, chill, trance, with the exception of the title track which is more alternative dance. Electronic, the 4-song EP has washes of synths and samplers supporting, embracing and lifting the vocals into a territory Russell and Stuart have claimed as their own.

Unique Electronic Music and vocals with multilayered meanings reflect on life and the nature of reality, with hope for what comes next.

Prepare to be dazzled.

MUSIC: Benjamin Russell and Rob Stuart
LYRICS:Elyce and Benjamin Russell
VOCALS: Benjamin Russell
VIDEOS: Elyce & Benjamin Russell
Music Video:
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Benjamin Russell and Rob Stuart's debut album is now available everywhere you get your music online.

When you order on
Bandcamp you can stream it via the free Bandcamp app with the option to download a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC, WAV and more.

Electro Pop with songs from Rock to Dream Pop, SOMETHING IN F MINOR is an eclectic, artistic mix with meaningful and poetic lyrics coving subjects ranging from social issues to the deeply personal.

Music by Benjamin Russell and Rob Stuart
Lyrics by Elyce and Benjamin Russell
Produced and Mixed by Rob Stuart

Videos by Elyce & Benjamin Russell -
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If you are like Elyce and me, falling and staying asleep can be difficult.

AMBIENT WHITE NOISE WAVES FOR SLEEP is the result of years of research. Our experimentation has yielded the most relaxing sounds to fall asleep and gently keep you getting your zzz's all night.

The album, a single track exactly 59 minutes and 30 seconds long, combines the best of pink and white noise in a blend of waves and wind in a constantly evolving soundscape. Our prescription is to set your music player / streamer to loop the track on repeat - the beginning and end fade in / out over a couple of seconds so it loops beautifully.

Breathing properly helps relaxation and you will find yourself matching your breaths to the subtle, slowing varying waves of sonic peace.

Also superb for spa, relaxation, meditation and calming noise masking in the office.

Give it a try. Available now everywhere you get your music


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Album / EP

Seven mixes ranging from club to industrial and piano-based, plus an instrumental of the original.


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2021 Singles

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After the highs and lows, comes BALANCE.


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Concept Album

Based on Doris Lessing's novel, Shikasta.
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