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Collaboration with Rob Stuart

Genre: Electro Pop
Artist: Benjamin Russell and Rob Stuart
Record Label: TCBE Records
Release Date: August 3, 2022
Back in the 70s, Benjamin Russell saw a watch ad in a magazine, "For the transistorized man". This inspired one of his first rock songs. In the 80s the song morphed into the Computerized Man. There were two prototypes, the first was basically the original song with just the change in title. The other, built with synths and sequencers lay dormant until now.

Enter Rob Stuart. His production wizardry has transformed COMPUTERIZED MAN #2 into the song being released now. Plug in and have some fun with the machines!

ROB STUART is a central figure in
Slave To The Square Wave and Electronic Dream Factory. He has produced music with and for many talented artists. He is the host of the weekly MIXTAPE SHOW on David Marsden's
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