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Song by Benjamin Russell

Recorded before my last album, BALANCE
I had thought to include CHARLIE COMING DOWN on BALANCE, but ultimately decided it just didn’t fit. You could say, this song captures what it feels like to be “unbalanced”.

Throughout my life, I spent perhaps half the time thinking I was special, intelligent and capable. The other half, I was convinced I was stupid. I often felt like the character Charlie, from the book, Flowers for Algernon (Cliff Robertson played him in the movie adaptation, Charlie).

I remember thinking there was a weight on my brain. If I could just shake it off, I’d be able to see clearly and understand. Sometimes the weight would lift and I felt invincible. I would run with this and get as much done as possible because I knew the weight would come back and I’d be stupid again.

This song is FREE for anyone who purchased the BALANCE album (CD or digital download). If you bought it on Bandcamp, it should show up automatically now as an extra track. If you bought it anywhere else (Apple Music, for instance), drop me a line and I’ll send you an MP3.
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