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Album by Benjamin Russell

After the highs and lows, comes BALANCE.
I started writing songs back when I was in high school as a way of dealing with stuff I didn't understand. I felt like an alien, an outsider, a "stranger in a strange land". What kept me going was realizing other people felt like that too and the songs helped me connect.

Listening and creating helped keep me sane all these years. If my music helps one other person the way my favourite artists have helped me, it makes my life worth while.

Elyce is my life partner, my complementary soul. Although she has not been credited as much as she should until now, she has been part of every song I've written since I met her. These songs were created together and the balance between us imbues the album in every way.

This may well be my last album. If that turns out to be true, I will be OK with that. I think it's my best.

(BALANCE was begun before the last album, SHIKASTA SUITE, but production was interrupted when the inspiration for that "rock opera" hit.)


Produced by Benjamin Russell & Elyce
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