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Collaboration with TREPANIC, Shimmer Johnson, John Roland Penner and John Boldt

Genre: Techno Dance
Artist: TREPANIC ft. Shimmer Johnson, John Roland Penner, John Bold and Benjamin Russell
Record Label: TCBE Records
Release Date: February 16, 2022
Written in the 80s and released on Benjamin Russell's LIFE IN THE ICE AGE album, WHEN THE BUBBLE BREAKS has spawned numerous recorded versions. This one is unique as it reunites the team that created the successful MIRACLE 2021 (the John Roland Penner mix) last year with a significant addition: the uber-talented Shimmer Johnson on vocals.

This team is the brainchild of Kevin Alberga who was behind the 2021 Miracles. Benjamin did a rough arrangement and sent it off through the internet to John Roland Penner. Months passed and the song was transmogrified beyond recognition with the addition of synthesizers, then guitar by John Boldt, and Shimmer Johnson's wonderful vocals. Benjamin Russell contributed backing vocals.

As with Miracle, this new WHEN THE BUBBLE BREAKS was then put in the magical hands of TREPANIC (aka Conor O'Sullivan) who broke it down and rebuilt it into a pulsing, driving track that makes you want to DANCE!

This is the first offering from this team in 2022. What's next? Keep your ears open, there's more coming soon!

Song by Benjamin Russell
Arranged and Produced by TREPANIC

TREPANIC - production, mastering

Shimmer Johnson - vocals
John Roland Penner - synthesizers
John Boldt - guitars
Benjamin Russell - background vocals
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